Play with Fantasy Forts STURDY

What is it?

Fantasy Forts are toys for children to make huts from. There are no rules, the children choose what they create. They use their imagination to create lovely or crazy structures. They combine Fantasy Forts with the furniture and all the other toys in their surroundings. Building gives lots of energy and creativity.

Fantasy Forts STURDY is designed for intensive daily use. The panels are over 2 centimeters thick and made of carton, so that it is lightweight and can be handled by children. Fantasy Forts STURDY panels connect to each other with the smart 2-in-1 Velcro. The separate 52 pieces of Velcro help to create larger structures and involve things like tables and chairs.

Where can I buy it?

Fantasy Forts STURDY can be bought here. Fantasy Forts STURDY is not sold in USA / Canada.

Where does it come from?

Fantasy Forts is designed and produced in The Netherlands. The carton is made out of FSC certified paper en the ink is waterbased.

 How do I store it?

Fantasy Forts STURDY can be stored simple and easy. With the smart 2-in-1 Velcro system, the panels ‘stick’ to each other. The separate Velcro pieces can be stored in the ‘windows’ in the panels.

Is there enough Velcro included?

Fantasy Forts STURDY comes with 52 pieces of 20cm Velcro. That is more than sufficient to cover all possible constructions.