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Fantasy Forts

Look below for the most frequently asked questions about Fantasy Forts.

How durable are the Fantasy Forts panels?

Fantasy Forts is made of high quality cardboard. Reactions from customers in recent years show that the product can last a long time, even if it is used intensively. It can of course happen that a crack occurs in a panel, or that it kinks. A torn panel can be trimmed with good scissors and for children, a kinked panel can sometimes have a new function in a castle or fortress.

The cardboard used for Fantasy Forts is made from sustainably managed and FSC certified sources. Fantasy Forts and the packaging can be recycled as waste paper. The Velcro Velcro can be reused for all kinds of applications. It must be recycled through residual waste.

What is the delivery time of my order at Fantasy Forts

As producer of Fantasy Forts, we always have sufficient stock. The order will be shipped from the Netherlands via DPD as soon as possible after receipt. Depending on the address in Europe, the order can take 1-5 days to arrive.

I live in USA or Canada, can I also order from the Official Fantasy Forts webshop?

For customers in the USA or Canada, we refer to our partner Hearthsong.

What does a Fantasy Forts package consist of?

A Fantasy Forts package consists of the following parts:

  • 16 panels of 56cm by 56cm. There is a window in 4 of the panels.
  • 16 clips to connect the panels
  • 1 roll of Velcro, enough for 32 pieces of Velcro
  • Instruction manual

In total, 1 set of Fantasy Forts consists of over 5 square meters of cardboard.

Can Fantasy Forts be used outside?

We recommend that you only use Fantasy Forts indoors. The material can be affected by water, wind or rocks. 

What it the weight of a Fantasy Forts package?

A single Fantasy Forts package weighs 5 kg. 

Where does Fantasy Forts come from?

Fantasy Forts is a Dutch product. It was conceived in the Netherlands by Bas Beugels and Marco van den Berg. The product was launched at the Spielwarenmesse in Nürnberg in 2016. Production for the European market is in the Netherlands. For the rest of the world, our partner Hearthsong produces in China.

I want more Velcro, is that possible?

Sure. Order here some extra Velcro for even more building fun. Connect other stuff in your environment and use your fantasy!

How do I fold the clips to connect the panels?

For good folding of the clips, it is best to view this video and follow the instructions.

For kids of which age are Fantasy Forts recommended?

Fantasy Forts is suitable for children older than 36 months. Preparing to build with the Fantasy Forts requires help from parents.

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