Safety and help


Fantasy Forts are not suitable for children aged 0-3. When using this product for the first time an adult must instruct the child or children on how to properly assemble and disassemble a structure.

As Fantasy Forts is a paper product, there are risks of paper cuts. Please take care with the edges and under no circumstances should the boards be used for anything other than building a structure. Do not use this toy to harm other people, animals, or other personal property.

Although durability and safety are prime concerns in the design of our product, Fantasy Forts are used by young children of immature judgement and are not intended for unsupervised use. The buyer assumes all risk of injury or applicability to a particular use.

Fantasy Forts shall not assume any liability whatsoever for damage claims or consequential damage in whatever capacity substantiated as a result of the use of its products by consumers or third parties.


If you lost the manual and you need some help, you can find it here: Fantasy Forts manual. If you need help with folding the clips, please watch our instruction video.