Children decide what they make!

Let go of your children's creativity. They use their imagination and make the most beautiful and craziest creations. They combine Fantasy Forts with the furniture and other toys in their environment.

Unique product!

Fantasy Forts is a unique and original product. It is designed and produced in the Netherlands. The panels are made out of FSC certified carton and packaging work is done in a social work facility.

Easy and fun to build!

Fantasy Forts panels are connected to each other by a carton clips and Velcro straps so that connections always work. Even mom and dad must succeed.

Cleared away quick and easy

Fantasy Forts can be cleared away easily and neatly. The individual pieces of Velcro can be stored in the "windows" of the panels.

One set

One set Fantasy Forts contains over 5m2 of panels, 16 clips and 32 pieces of Velcro!

MEGA sets - GIGA sets

The Fantasy Forts MEGA and Fantasy Forts GIGA sets contain up to 20m2 of creative building materials, 64 clips and 128 pieces of Velcro!