Fantasy Forts

Open-Ended Playing!

Children decide what they make

Let go of your children’s creativity. They use their imagination and make the most beautiful and craziest creations. They combine Fantasy Forts with the furniture and other toys in their environment.

Original product

Fantasy Forts is a unique and original product made in Holland. We use FSC certified carton and the packing is done in a sheltered workshop.

Easy to put together

With the included clips you can build Fantasy Forts in height. The Velcro makes it possible to connect the panels to everything in the environment. This is how the most beautiful creations can be made.

Cleared away quick and easy

With Fantasy Forts, you’ll build a room full of them. But the panels can be cleaned up as simple and neat. On a pile, the panels take up little space, they can go into the cabinet.

One set

A set of Fantasy Forts contains more than 5m2 of panels, 16 clips and 32 pieces of Velcro!

MEGA sets - GIGA sets

The Fantasy Forts MEGA and Fantasy Forts GIGA sets contain up to 20m2 of creative building materials, 64 clips and 128 pieces of Velcro!

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